the sea

why does the ocean make me
gasp desperately for air
fearing i will drown under its bubbling tears
the waves create a tumultuous reality
bending upon the will of the moon and caring less for those feeling within it
does it cradle me? does the rocking tide hold me close and above?
or am i only dreaming
as what i thought carried protection
rips me underneath
hides me from the sun up above
a black world in its trenches where no one has been
i am stuck here
the cat gently searches for me with its paw
but i am nowhere and everywhere
the murky waters hide the overcast sky as i gently close my eyes and let it consume me
i am one with the darkness
i finally allow the beguiling sea to do with me what it requires
and i am gone, the happy dunes a distant reality as the water fills my aching lungs.

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