The Seagulls

Pause and sit on my balcony railings
To scream
Probably in outrage
That I am feeding all the birds
Except for them
It is not through design
But simply ignorance
I do not know what seagulls eat
I have bird seed for the smaller birds
The pigeons, the doves and the sparrows
But I don't know what seagulls eat
There are usually two of them
Making the racket
They are such beautiful birds
With the plush look of snowy white feathers
Sometimes they stay for a while
And bathe themselves
Cleaning their soft downy breasts
I think that really they are hungry
And that to them I am known for feeding the birds
All the birds that is except for them
Sometimes if I have hamburger buns on hand
I feed them some of those
Big chunks of white spongy bread
They seem to like that and leave when satisfied
I am thankful that the noise has stopped
They can make quite a racket

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