The Second Flashback

By Caleb   

I know it's you standing outside of my room,
for the second time on Earth you reveal your position,
never in my life have I ever played that kind of wisdom.
Again, for the second time in my life,
you chose to time travel into a past that isn't yours
and then you go on to speak with a voice that you say is gracious,
yet, you take your handkerchief of mischief
and block out all that is spacious.
I used to believe in your activity of good things with good times
but now I know that your inquiry is just a questionnaire in your mind.
I know it is said to ask questions—
What school of working did you die from?
What school of writing did you manage a few graded marks that you received lashes from?
What market did you call out to because you stayed up all night,
watching reruns from elementary school that made the next mornings awakening, such a plight?
Thinking back into the past that it seems you have a problem with,
It's a blessing I kept myself quiet
To see who to blame, yes, the one who created it—
Insecurity about everyday,
especially when I am away,
inside of the box that you keep nailed closed,
just so you can prevail in the glory of your generous show.
Your steady rambling keeps me reminded of a high school title,
Your ransacking the public in private is never an issue to idle—now that I see you—
Here is another thing about you I can't believe,
How can you love one day and then despise me on the next?
If none of this was true
the feelings would be hexed
with calm, warm, compassionate comfort
but that just isn't so.
I have no idea of why you would continue to press a figure
that just will not be forced to go—your way of reminder,
your way of not letting the past die.
You should stop turning it around
and making your own denial into a handleable lie
because that's what it is,
the flashbacks that you won't forget
while I am being drowned in the blessings of an industry
that I just can not drop and forget.
I feel your hindrance and that's why I no longer seek to part ways with you—
know that you are not a comfort to me,
now that I know you.

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The Second Flashback is about forgetting and letting go of a past that someone wants an individual, a group, to keep remembering.