The Secret

I'm laying here every night, wish I had you in sight.
Put you inside this cover, I'll be your secret lover.
But it don't work like that, when you said it was over.
I want you back, but you're heart is getting colder.
As my heart is only warm for your love,
I swear you were my beautiful dove.
But your love has turned backwards,
and you've turned evol.
To me you're still above standard,
and your love is never dull.
No matter how dark you are,
I can still see your light from afar.
Even though no one else has seen it,
I will still believe it.
Maybe the reason no one knows you,
is because of what we do.
As I'm layin here every night,
with your light in sight.
I put you inside this cover,
and I'll be your secret lover.

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