The secret

By Clyde   

The boyfriend:
I love when we all get together especially the two of you my best friend and girlfriend.
And I know we don't always get along but I'm glad you two put your differences aside.
Hold on let me go say hi to the rest of the guys they just pulled up outside.
Will you two behave yourselves until I get back in a couple of seconds.

The girlfriend:
I'm so glad he's gone I hope he stays away for long and this is one of my favorite songs.
I've been waiting to see you for days now, the last time we met you were trying to end this.
But the sex is amazing and you're the answer to my every wish now come give me a kiss.
Only a peck really, you know he's going to be gone only for a short time, so we don't have long.

The bestfriend:
I told you the last time, we can't be doing this shit in public.
And yes of course the sex is great I love it ,but we're never doing that again.
It was wrong and I told you the last time. That I was going to have to bring this to an end
It's not pretend, I'm done playing this sick twisted game so I'm going to confess fuck it.

The girlfriend:
Why do you have to act like that, can you just calm down a minute?

The bestfriend:
I can't I'm tired of waiting for you to call your relationship off.
Haven't I proven myself to you and at the price of losing my bestfriend. Please I can't pay this cost.

The girlfriend:
Quit playing like you're the victim, you know you enjoyed it, so stop playing innocent.

The bestfriend:
Playing innocent, I'm not playing any games at all.
I'm so confused about what to do because I love him like a brother.
Still I can't help the feelings that I get whenever we're together.
I'm not trying to hurt him, but he doesn't deserve this. And I can't help where my heart falls.

The girlfriend:
I told you, I love you not him, at least not anymore
And you think you're the only one suffering from this guilt.
You really think you're the only person that knows how special the first time felt.
Now shut up before they come back inside from the door.

The boyfriend:
Are you two already arguing? Damn why can't we ever hangout without you two hating each other.
All I wanted for my birthday was to chill with my favorite people.
You two have to understand that, you both mean the world to me, you two are equal.
Now both of you hug and and try to get along because you guys well be seeing each other forever.

The bestfriend:
You know what fuck this I'm leaving bro, I can't do this right now.

The girlfriend:
Okay I'm sorry can I just speak to you outside just to clear the air.
Don't worry babe it's okay, enjoy the time with the rest of our friends in there.

The boyfriend:
Look y'all talk it out then after this we can go ahead and enjoy our night in the town.

The girlfriend:
Look I know this is wrong but doesn't it feel right?

The bestfriend:
Of course it does but we need to stop this before we all end up hurt.
Please babe just don't, stop pulling up your already short skirt.

The boyfriend:
Mother fuckers!!! Chris was right about you two, and to believe I was going to ask you to be my wife tonight.

The bestfriend:
It's not what it looks like bro.

The boyfriend:
Don't you ever call me brother again you sorry bastard.
Really bitch, is this sorry mother fucker the one you been chasing after.
I'm going to get my gun hopefully you two have enough sense to just go.

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This Poems Story

I wrote it as a short story of temptation, treachery, and deception. As a person who can relate all sides of this story. I left a bunch of grey areas that will allow readers to make there own decision on who they can relate to. I hope you enjoy