The Secret Hiding Spot

I asked a child
the definition of love.
You know what she said?

"The definition
is not something to explain.
It is difficult.

The definition
is, however, something real.
Something you can sense.

Something you can see,
in a couple on the street
walking hand in hand.

Something you can hear,
if you listen closely to
the birds' melodies.

Something you can taste,
when you get home from school and
Mommy bakes cookies.

Something you smell,
like the ocean water on
that first summer day.

Something you can feel,
at the hospital to see
your newborn brother."

I went home that night,
trying to sense what love is.
I simply could not.

I went back to her.
She had been expecting me.
I asked her again.

"Oh, you silly girl,
you cannot force love to come.
Didn't you know that?

Love comes and it goes,
it usually breaks hearts, but
then it fixes them.

Love grows everywhere,
through everyone, all the time.
It will never end.

You cannot find love,
in dark parts of your garden.
So, look somewhere else.

Don't look amongst weeds.
Look in with the flowers, and
you will find it there."

I went home that night.
I searched through my garden, and
I was quite surprised.

I finally found
what I had been looking for.
It was always there.

I learned from that girl,
what nobody really knows -
love lies in the heart.

It is not in bones,
nor fingers, muscles, or your
pretty little mind.

Look into your heart,
Keep searching, because you will
love the love you find.

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