The Secret of Finding Peace

Loneliness on cold streets, a winter afternoon
A tall tree, leafless, stands in snow far too soon
Two black birds share a kiss with loving kindness
Gazing into the distant past, eager to find this
But the vision I saw was merely an illusion
Forgiveness is the path I chose with resolution
Silent and dark, the night sky shines with stars
Happiness found as I search for the moon afar
Sadness or silence, I choose at every turn
Complaining brings regret and madness, I learn
Accepting the truth, now my best choice with calmness
The way to find peace in the face of life's harshness
Loneliness fades when acceptance takes its place
Winter's chill subsides in the warmth of grace
The black birds may fly away, but their kiss remains
A symbol of love that in our hearts sustains
And as the seasons change, so too must we
Embracing each moment, living fully and free

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