The secrets of stars

Small and Medium fishes
are mostly born in beaches and magnificent oceans
Where cheerful colourful sweet waters show off
Where fishes are the morning sun
Where adoring and colourful flowers dances all day
Where millions of glassy angelic fishes have fun
Where all day is heaven.
Big and Mighty fishes
are mostly born in stinking interior rivers
the home worms,bacteria and devilish creatures
the destination of smelling rotten foods and dead flowers
Where horror creatures hunt all day
Where creatures with flamy bloody eyes jungle all night
No shame for dirtiness for all day is hell
Small and medium fishes
Are mostly born in beaches and heavenly oceans
Having fun all day in this heavenly sweet waters
getting spoilt and beautiful all day
eating sweet and spicy foods
hanging out with holy Angels
This is the home of small and medium fishes.
Big and mighty fishes
Are mostly born in satanic stinking interior rivers
Growing tall and huge eating hell raiment
Hanging out with horrors
Sleeping on dangerous waste
Partying in this hell!
This is the hood the the mightiest!

Small and medium fishes
Learn from angelic playful and blind fishes
Learning how to swim majestically
How to use fork and knife when eating
Learning nothing about what is hell
Learning nothing about borrowed destruction
How will they be big?
Big and Gigantic mountain fishes
Learn from holy demons and demons
Learning endurance dealing with their boss
Getting strong fighting with vampires
Keep moving through the burning fury furnace
Learning about circle of sorrow
Why wont they be the Boss of boss?

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