The seeds which bore me no fruit

I heard them say 'as you sow, so shall you reap',
Before me, were the fruits of labor & sacrificed sleep.
I gazed at the ripe fruits, pendulous,
And never have I, in my life, felt so incredulous.
Just then, I saw some seeds that I'd earlier sowed,
Which I'd forgotten, through my journey down the road.
Pondering over my life's victories & endeavors,
I realized that success isn't forever.
At times in life, despite my strenuous toils,
I see the seed, lying down latent, in the soil.
I wondered, why failure should be inevitable?
Or, is there any elixir for success available?
Why should the almighty, test me with adversity?
To teach my fellow beings about life's complexity?
To increase my doubts & uncertainty?
Or to watch me soar in flight, beyond infinity?
Engrossed was I, in this perplexity,
Finally realizing, that only my deeds last for eternity.
Yet, I turned towards the seed which bore me no fruit,
Now, a small leaf emerging from the tip of its shoot.

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