The Sentence Avenged

Some say love is love blind. I say it doesn't exist. I do agree detest is mine hearing it as well.
The stories amongst all the war death planet doors open cells.
It's granted follows a choice to end the hurt I cause more your families.
Yeah those who lose loved ones sad longs in that good for them repeat the grief that hits home signing the certificate sure.

I've done my wrong and it's good for me to do a snake does I am to move
escalate up the ruined state.
I turn a page to leaf a phrase slaughtered humans new reasons to live out of this.
The tree it's to meet finally.
The escape about here make plan simple these are the sake of an era.

This an individual mind individualism time I'm always right
on my own here not long seeking to live this life.
The earth bound for a reason clouded a town in darkness denounce astounded.
It's surrounded by pounds of cloudy substance now.
The disgusting things scum I would call humans they are called by me.

It's all them but me I'm a god that vampire Draken Raven doomsday I'm amazing.
Now would be banging a doll feels greatly in there no mistakes so called I degrade women the parade.
They erase away sanity known to purity creatures of habit.
It's with their sexual tendencies they admitted ain't for me.

I could participate into pervert more onto them not less than.
Oh what mess yes sometimes they are.
I accept the immorality since them slept over step these girls my boundaries.
It's them that need to get help stay for to away from me
break the consumption.

The vast excite condense mission to complete everything.
I seek sentence about all in dark spirit frost stalled applaud.
I'm champion in Satanism he can stay in.
I abate come to see me terror in y'all eyes I speak free these words.

The disease passion breath elastic plead they will bleed out the skull.
It's known my poems are that tragic greatness to be a legend.

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My thoughts in demise about all of you.