The Service We Do For Them

When unable to
When lacking a certain skill
When not ready to go alone
When crying out for a different point of view
When wanting to kill
When overthrown
When devoured by emotions
When hiding under the covers
When hands are shaking and knees are bouncing
When down
When unlabeled to control motions
When heading to recover
When drowning
Look beside you.

Look next to you
See the dog that helps you
See the dog that wearing its service dog’s vest proudly
See the dog that can read your mind
See the dog that has been through it
See the dog begging for you to stay loudly
See the dog that has always been kind
See the dog that’s there
See the dog that cares
See the dog that knows
See the dog that shows

Shows love
Shows forgiveness
Shows innocence
Shows the judgment its free of
Shows kindness
Shows diligence

See the man’s best friend
And look into its eyes
Know they are with you to the end
Know they love you
Know they would do anything for you
Know they cant imagine a world without you
Know they cant live on without you
Know that they are there.

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