The Set Up

Kenny Lee, why’d ju rape me, my mind works to forget, but my body remembers,

Now I gotta laps in my mental syntax, I can’t think straight, my mind is so crooked, it’s not my right mind, my right mind went left and never came back, I’ve been looking for it ever since,

You came wit dem rapey boys, ha ha ha ha, rapey boys, just like you, you invited dem boys, in me, yall had no permission from me, yall stole the opportunity,

All yall held me down on my back, so I couldn’t attack you, yall held my legs apart, I was losing bad, I never stopped trying to break free, I never stopped trying to break free, it was happening, yall was breaking me, I lost,

It was a super violent moment, I I I I, felt like I was dying, with each time, I was being murdered at every moment, I’m here, but I still died that day, anyway, but I wanted it, I deserved it,

A hood crack head broke it up, it was too late to save my life, before he saved my life, I was traumatized for life, I picked myself up off the dirty floor, I left my panties on the laundry room floor, I couldn’t put them on again, or take them home in my pocket, wash them and wear them again, I’m not a nasty girl, right now,

But I kept the secret though, I didn’t have the household you could tell to help, they would have blamed me, and shamed me, on some real

I went to school the next day, like nothing happened though, secretly covered in shame, one of dem boys was in my 2nd period, so um he looked at me like nothing happened though, it was a secret, he couldn’t look at me like something happened though, it was a secret, I felt it, in that moment, my life became so real, unreal, really, I have no forgiveness for dem rapey boys, forgive me Jehovah, cause I’m so serious, it’s so serious,

I had a fiancé with a tender heart, so tender, but he couldn’t just touch me anywhere, cause I tripped and flipped out, I felt violated, but he didn’t do it, he just wanted to please me, and I felt violated, cause I’m so serious, it’s so serious, don’t fuckin touch me there, is that normal, that’s not normal for me, what is a normal touch for me, I’m a rapped bitch, some dude I loved called me that, cause I tripped and I flipped out, I shouldn’t have told him my secret, my fault, I tried to trust him and for what, cause I’m serious, it’s so serious,

Kenny Lee is a cute name, for a fine guy, with green eyes, I wasn’t safe with you and dem boys, now no one is safe to me,

I had to get home, I was ready to go, I had chores to do before my Mom got home from work, I was done with the flirting, respectfully you didn’t even touch me, my Mom could be a real crazy lady, if shit wasn’t cleaned before her arrival, my chores was survival, and I’m a survivor, I liked to kick it, I didn’t play with my own time, when I played on my own time, I always wanted to see a next day, I love tomorrow, today, yesterday might have been a little ruff,
You said “Come on Ima walk you home now” you said “let’s cut thru the laundry room, it’s a short cut out of the apartment complex”, I was perplexed, cause it didn’t seem like it, it didn’t sound right or feel right, but I was like koo, Ima follow you, it was in to hell, I hate doing laundry it feels like hell, but I get it done while feeling like hell,

I wasn’t forced to kick it witcha, I made the choice to sip beer in the stairwell whicha, I didn’t smoke and choke, I had a few sips of the “Old E” it tasted so nasty to me, I wanted to spit up, but I was a soldier of fitting in, I even poured out a sip for the dead homies, cuz that’s hood for me then,

It took little for you to impress me, you had me at “Do you wanna hang out for a few after school, I will walk you home, just me and you, OOOBABY”. THE END

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