The Seven Swords of Light

White and gold is the architecture of this land, following among through with other different colors expand; began morning
sunrise hovering a beautiful path way through the sky.
There is a small little fabled village in the heart of the vale,
Spring Colony falling the aroma scented flowers from the bloom
in the season of spring time. The birds sing in unity with
each other and the forest are a picture perfect
fairytale. Open with majestic mountains; the elves and goblins that
roam the lands per which they inhabit. In separate
colonies on the east and the west, battles persist between two
creatures for valuable materials.
These which are needed to make things like bread, milk, chicken soup, metal to make swords for battle. Cloth for apparel wear
seek animal skin and meat. Wooden trees to build small
houses incorporated mechanical
devices for farming and so on;
for many centuries this has been the chain that connect.

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This Poems Story

It is simply a tale short story/poem of the minimal idea of season spring.