The Shackles

Spellbound by her memories and frozen by her fears,
She hesitated frequently while living out her years.

Her friends were few and far between, and so it was by choice,
She chose the life of solitude to hear but her own voice.

Lonely days and lonely nights repeating without end,
Just because she felt that only on herself could she depend.

A chance for new experiences, she would never give,
She was so afraid of dying that she was too afraid to live.

An eternal veil of darkness to shield her timid eyes,
And guard her from the evil scenes of horrible demise.

Self-imposed imprisonment, a sentence undeserved,
For someone whose sole crime in life was being so reserved.

Now as the final curtain draws a final bell does toll,
For the lady whose own way of life deprived her very soul.

Alas, her spirit wanders now, in search of harmony,
Seeking what she never had, for all eternity,

And yet as fate would have it, her shackles need not be,
For all that time she failed to see that love could set her free.

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