The Shadow

I hide in front of my heart.
Behind me is a brick wall that took years to build.
I have a secret.I don't want to let anyone in.
the pain that is still in my heart.I want friends but,
afraid to let my guard down.
So, I put on this rude and aggressive personality
So, I can't get close to anyone.
I am afraid that I will hurt somebody.Not with words.
But, with the shadow that lives in my heart.
The shadow from my past. What makes me so angry.
How I live was a crime.I was a baby learning how to hold a baby.
I had no parents because they were too busy getting high.
What makes my shadow angry is when I sleep.
When I remember what they did to me.
When she gave the key to my temple to my father.
I wanted to die that day.
I was now known as my father's "lover" my mother's money maker.
At the age of three years old my mother became my pimp.
I don't want to hide anymore.
But, I swear all I want is someone to hear my story.
Tell me that I wasn't in the wrong.
I want my heart to beat out so loudly,
I want someone to care enough to hear my story.
I want my shadow to go away.
They don't understand the pain I have been through.
Hear me out. Someday someone will feel my pain.
I just want the pain to go away.

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