The shadow named Stigma

Will there ever be a day when this pain will go away?
When we can say that we’re okay
And really mean what we say
A day when we won’t be judged
A day when we won’t be grudged
A day when we won’t be hated
A day when we won’t be frustrated
This shadow that follows us is not our friend
Because friends are ones who are there ‘til the end
This shadow has a name, and it has a lot of fame
It’s name is stigma, and it carries a lot of shame
S is for sadness that we bury deep inside
T is for torment that we always try to hide
I is for intentions that usually mean well
G is for grieving that always feels like hell
M is for misunderstanding of what’s really going on
A is for advocates who are often called upon
The shadow can be fought with open ears and open eyes
Because when you do that you will start to realize
This shadow can follow anyone, even you, even me
But if we all gather, we can be free
Open your mind then open your heart,
And the healing process can finally start
Apart we are none,
But together we are one,
And the battle we are fighting will be won

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