The Shadows of Night

I fear the shadows that walk at night,
The ones who skulk 'neath the dim moonlight.
I peer through glass to see them prowl,
Their roars, ghastly; their stench, foul.
They bang on the door to break it down,
To rape the innocent and inflame the town.
Look closely and see the scar on their chest,
A wound from their victims; from the hate they possess.
Their faces are bloody, they've killed again,
They’ve eaten the flesh of those they’ve slain.
They claw the window and reach for me,
I jolt away, my attempt to flee.
Out of fear, my kin throw me down,
And toss me out to save the dear town.
I awake in darkness, where the town lays,
With candle lit windows, where those in light gaze.
My joy has faded but the scene is clear as day,
The misery I’ve gained has given me strength to say:
I once did fear the shadows of night,
Until misfortune struck me from light.
The echoes of screams you heard were mine,
They travel through alleys, valleys and pines.
The shadow that knocked at the door was me,
To quench this thirst to be set free.
A ragged scar lies over my heart,
'Twas taken from me when the pain did start.
Tears of blood stream down my face,
I've lost a love I can't replace.
My rotting hands reach for you,
I seek the fable I hope to be true.
But you run away, harrowed by what you see,
Though this darkness does not define me.
How could I’ve feared the shadows of night,
If the true fear lies with those in the light?

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