The Shark Tooth Hunter

Her feet caressed the sand as she gently surveyed the beach
Amid an array of orange dusted pebbles and seashells
Mother sought a black shiny emblem with a piercing triangular shape

With the sun beaming down, we splashed, giggled, and jumped in between the currents
In the corner of her eye, she suddenly snapped a glimpse of a sharp black glow

Not a wind gust to spare before the relentless tide returned
Mother dashed towards the ancient remnant
Like the beak of a bird, she reached out and burrowed her hand into the sand

With a cringe of excitement circulating through her veins
Mother slowly raised her fist and opened her gentle palm
Inside was a treasure, 10 million years in the making and now a hunter’s prize

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Key Words : shark, hunter, family, child, mother

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    This Poems Story

    A boy\'s wonder of his Mother\'s hobby.