The Shattered Girl

I was girl who was me and I am the only one who can see,
but shattered alone, no where to be found,
a place where I call home, burned to the ground.
Confused, refused to what they all said.
They put me on posters a name, the shattered girl they read.
I always wanted to be normal, but they said normal wasn’t me,
am I the only one who believes. The weird girl, odd and strange, some even called me deranged.
They look at me and they are in aw, they say “Look at that girl. is she even human at all!”
I was a girl who they said belonged in the streets, no where to be and always to leave.
Once I was normal, but not anymore,
They say I look like an antique so they try to sell me or put me in a store.
Who am I, I always ask, but then I realize I’m the girl of glass.

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