The Shell:

By Unnfare   

To stripe me of my shell
The place I hide while going through hell
See this is the reason I yell
No one listens to the story I tell
I say it like clockwork or the ring of a bell
Your lies u see are hard to sell
Ur strings are no longer attached to this Fidel
I can’t lie when I say this time its personnel
I think its time for you to get some new materiel
Don’t get it twisted its not too hard for you to misspell
Ill come at you faster than a gazelle
I spit fire hotter than Rottelle
Now these are the words that I must foretell
Go ahead and gossip that to your clientele
Be careful not to smudge this isn’t written in pastel
This is where its time I’m threatening to expel
Truth is what I’m throwing aiming to impel
Like throwing you out the window of a hotel
Only when your body will start to swell
They won’t find you until you start to smell
When they ask I can just say you fell
Wait hold up something doesn’t sit well
I won’t do that because its not part of my morel
Instead ill hit you with some truth you can’t repel
Ill give you a curse something like a spell
To decipher this code you need a lot more intel
Ill make this impossible for you to compel
So disturbing and absolutely ferrel
People for ages will have this story to retell
For this ill get a prize something like that Nobel
My life is has me woke somehow I reveal
My armor is thick it’s tougher than my shell
My light shines bright and my words cut well
The world is in decay and it doesn’t end well
To all my demons that drag me through hell
To you I say farewell

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This Poems Story

This is for the bad days in my life… they mean nothing. Always look for the good in life.