The Shield of Immunity

Waving your wand, you form the shield,
The rim glows with an enchanted seal.
The trees grow in place to secure the base
But unknown to anyone, you made a deadly mistake

For when the pain grows too large,
Trapped behind the magical bars.
A touch of the finger leaves a crack,
To forever grow bigger with every tap.

And when it breaks, it comes rushing out.
Emotions of trouble are to be found.
And every nook and corner of the mind,
Is filled with spreading slime.

Just when it reaches the core
It stops in its tracks and is no more.
A prophet lurking in the shadows is the cause
They come up to me and hold my hand.

And they speak these wise words;
“Even if you hold back the pain,
The emotions will get through in a matter of days.
For no spell can hold back the internal climb”

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