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The Shift

If you ever have to question my intentions in a difficult moment, just know that my heart won't ever walk away from you.
Momentary feelings come and go, the good and the bad days come and go, but my heart cannot move.
It's stuck somewhere between you and me, fighting it's way out of the safe space I made for it years ago.
But I do not fear it shifting.
I am not afraid of letting it choose you.
I'd choose you every day if you were a choice.
I'd put you first if you were ever waiting in line.
I'd accept 10 bad days for myself if it meant you felt happiness for 10 seconds.
Because you're all the matters now.
There is no priority greater than you.
It will always be you.
And my heart knows these things. It knows it's better off with you.
My heart is smart.
It won't freely choose anything other than perfect.
And that's what you are for me.
Its unreal to me that I have your attention.
Girls like me dont usually get this lucky.
I've become accustomed to mediocrity and settling for something "good enough.".
And I used to think they were special.
I used to think they were real.
Then you came into my life.
My entire reality shifted into a place I've never been before.
And it moved fast.
And it moved beautifully.
And it moved effortlessly.
And my heart broke free from it's safe space.
Because it knew there will never be another you.
Not in this lifetime, or any lifetime to come.
You're it.
And suddenly, the reality is, my heart no longer stays with me in the safe space.
It shifted into you.
With no fear.
No regrets.
It is yours.

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