The Shift

When I looked in the sky I saw clouds but couldn’t make the shapes,
What had changed since the days of innocence when I made them into boats or snakes,
I had become still, just breathing, just getting by, surviving the day,
My vibrancy defeated, my energy depleted, no answers to the questions rattling my brain.

But there is no coincidence, synchronicity is the only universal language, nothing exists in vain.
I might have ignored the signs, disregarded the chances as pure luck,
I might have doubted the magic that the universe shook up,
But one day you just wake up and know enough is enough,
You are tired of being tired. You are tired of the ever-redundant pain.
You have been choosing to suffer, not listening to what your soul had to say.

And for the first time you look out your window and see a tree. But this time, you really see a tree.
Every branch how it reaches as high into the air, as if trying to touch the clouds with tender care,
The leaves how they dance in the breeze, and then fall so gracefully without any worry,
And how grounded and stable that tree remains, never concerned about its unknown fate.
And now you see how the cosmos has been sending you messages, through nature, through people, and the most unlike of chances.

You are not here by accident, you have purpose and will. You have adventures ahead and character to build.
That voice you have let talk you out of every moment of growth, it is nothing compared to the desire of your soul.
All of sudden you are the same as before, and completely new. As if born again, seeing the world from a fresh point of view.

Where doubt turns to belief, and darkness to light.
Now, when I look up at the sky, I am reminded of how infinite this life-
Is, that there is no end to what we can do, or achieve. There is no height that cannot be reached.
No sound loud enough to quiet the voices we speak. No chains strong enough to bound our fearless dreams.

No stopping. No stifling. Only going. Only moving. Only loving.

Impossible. Ha. I don’t know what that means anymore,
Because I have already done it. I have already found my way on to this earth,
Starting as a cell, smaller than a speck of dust,
Forming into thinking flesh and skin, and what we call growing up.

When nothing becomes something how can you say there our boundaries?
How can you say there is no magic? The universe expands infinitely and we don’t think there should be quandaries?
There is a world of miracles just waiting to happen. It’s our belief in them that’s put them into action.

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