The Shore

A tear rolls unhindered down my cheek
Hard to care when the scene is so bleak
A set of footprints leads away from me
Adjacent to the rolling sea
Struggling to catch my breath
A heavy weight lies on my chest
High above me looms overcast skies
Nothing save emptiness lies behind my hazel eyes
Feet sinking slowly in the sand
Overwhelming confusion makes it hard to stand
The pull of the tide dragging me in, dragging me under
I find myself here one more time
A redundant, lonely crime
The vision of a rainbow dances in my mind
Past days when the sun had shined
I know those times will return someday
A person will come to hold these evil thoughts at bay
To stand with me, feet sinking in the sand
Until, together, we get the strength to withstand
Someday the footprints will be erased
By the waves, who move without haste
To be replaced by a different set
Leading towards me, not away, yet
I must wait for that person to save
Me from the hole I've dug for myself, this grave
A gentle hand lifting me out, lifting me up

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