The Show

Tonight at midnight they will start the show,
everyone's dressed up and ready to go.
They bought their popcorn and went on in,
A place of joy and laughter turned to sin.
He might have thought about it for year,
All the ways to scare, and create fear.
Never the less he opened fire on that room.
Causing panic,chaos,bringing others to their doom.
Someone elses pain taking the ones we love.
Passing them from this plain,or to the heavens above.
So many lives effected from someone else's pain.
Leaving families cold and alone,standing in the rain.
All because of man filled with rage and death,
He must have been mumbling it under his breath.
The tears did fall,And they were put in the ground.
And knowing what he did will always be around.
I wonder if he thought of the words he might say.
Or did he just set alone quietly on that day.
But it will forever be remembered in the great U.S.A.
May god heal your hearts, and may we all pray.
Where there is darkness let there be light.
And may there come a day of peace, and no reason to fight.

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