The Show

Freedom, true freedom will never be free. What price must I pay? Will my price be me? Will I leave these cruel bindings to find myself free? Or buy life at a price, a lever, a fee? The new world order will offer no quarter... Just hand down orders to reluctant supporters, debrained and retrained to bring pain and disorder. Sign them up for active assignment. Line them up... Psychorealignment. I did not know what your design meant. So scold me and hold me in cold confinement. I would have waved my flag. I would have held it high. I would have fought for it... Fought to die. But now I know that the show's a lie. Tampered with visions betray my eyes. My eyes show me their show... The show of lies. Hamper my vision... My vision lies. Hand me down wisdom... Might I be wise. Should ignorance be bliss, may I drown in sorrow and may I not miss what I'll miss tomorrow. I'll miss tomorrow,even as it's director. I'll cast myself as realities rejector. I will not be a pawn, not a playing piece. I will not be the swine at the ruling class feast. So call me unsavory. Call me what you will. Doom me to slavery as you sit and you swill. I will not raise up arms and savagely kill for the price of the barrel of crude that they fill. And terror, oh terror, wherever it exists will be found in the pound of the ruling class fist. So erect your damn prison and lock me away. But what I feel is too real for me not to say.

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I support our troops whom are fooled into bravely fighting and dieing to protect OUR FREEDOM. But, fooled they are. I do not support someone signing up to fight terrorists, then losing his life protecting oil trucks for a private company. Then his best friend being court-marshalled and sent to Federal prison after failing to report to duty after finding out about his friend's demise and being overwhelmed with emotions and thoughts that he payed for sharing.