The Showpiece

Painted by utmost eclat the delineation act like a flamboyant;
Even the occult powers would be attracted to it;
Tremulously she presented it to me ventriloquising "Belated Happy Birthday!!";
Even the fairies eyes would blink by seeing the glimmer of the frame;
Would you please accept it ;she cadged dropping in solemnly,
My love was turtle ; the hatred,the hare;
Might be she had kissed the blarney's stone,
I can't deny her ;
And as I clutched the portrayal ,
That immaculate smile on her visage was far better than paying a pilgrimage to a holy shrine,
Before I utter a word ;
She reluctantly with a abeyance said; "GOODBYE"
As soon as she got ready for her departure,
I took a look of that delineation;
Perplexed and contemplated that why she had given me a mirror;
But ultimately it took time for me to realize that wasn't a mirror rather a maquette sedulously orchestrated into a paragon;
Immediately my hatred supplicated and I clasped her hand ,
She looked back at me with her heart dipped in gloom,
"THANK YOU!!" I utter; surely the length of those words wasn't big but the heed of those words at that miraculous time was surely a big one;
Days passed;Months passed ;Even years have passed;it might that she also have passed away;
But still one can't dare to forget those hazel eyes,those flushed cheeks, those auburn hair,those entrancing dimples and finally her mesmerising beauty..
She would ever be sitting immortally on the throne of my heart animating euphoria...

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This Poems Story

Neither a poem, nor a story; Just a valedictory to her spellbound sempiternal beauty...