The Side of the Strong Girl

No one ever hears this side.
The story of the one who decided to leave,
The tale of she who was strong enough to say goodbye,
The wise lesson of the girl who left for her own good.

I am strong for leaving you, I say.
I am strong for throwing away our toxic relationship
We were broken, I cry.
You broke me, my heart whispers.

No one hears the side of the strong girl!
They all dismiss her side in the broken fairytale.
How could you do this to her? They'll ask.
The same way she did it me, I'll respond.

I had to save myself,
No one else was going to
My hero had left,
I am my own savior now.

Years later I'll look back and be okay,
I'll be happy again, maybe,
But they will know my story!
The one of the girl strong for leaving.

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