The Signs

The sign are here those who truly serve should have No Fear
Those who aren't better get in Gear
No matter the age, for we know the wages of sin is Death
God is getting tired of our mess
We're playing Rushing roulette with ourselves
He didn't put us here to chase after wealth, to please someone else
He said I'll make the rocks and the trees cry out to me
If he's not worthy enough to you to let go of sin completely
For he is a jealous God , he sees what we have inside
No matter how much we put on a cry he wants to move our Pride
Get down to whats inside,Cause from God we can not hide
Even in the darkest were people can't see
God is always around thee
He know our heart and even every thought
He brought our lives with a price
Not so we can hide in the darkest of our lives
But that we can get it right
Before he sounds the trumpet and judge us based on our lives
He said no one will be able to say I didn't know Christ
He said we all had a chance to gain life
But are you able to deal with the pain and the strife
Serving God is a fight, a fight against evil powers of the air
Our power is in the cross that we bare
The devil cant knock us no further than our knees for prayer
God said cast all our needs on him for he will be there
Be there to fight with us in warfare
The end of time is near,Gods voice we must hear

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