The Silence

Growing up you just want to fit in
Wishing everything was different
And everything could change
So you take a drug to just take away the pain
But that doesn't help, your friends mean nothing
That only some around when they need something
That stress you don't need it
The money and the fame can really destroy ya
And that fame could be the world
Or that fame could just be a girl
Or your high school class, don't live in the past
The pain is almost over, and I promise that
Your not running out of options
But the pills start getting popped in
Now your lying on the bathroom floor
Just because you thought you couldn't take it anymore
And your life felt mangled
Did you step back and look from a different angle
So why are we so alone
The silence brings us calm
Thats why were always quiet
On the inside we are really hiding
Because we are always scared
That nobody even cares
But you will make it through it
If you believe that you can do it

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