The Silent Voice Of A Lyricist

They call me a lyricist
No this title I don't dismiss
As words come to my mind
I write them down as a rhyme
I let myself go
As my words start to flow
Quiet is what I am
But I am an observer of all man
It has always been said to me that I was different then the rest
This is a compliment I don't take lightly
I hold close to my chest
In specifically on the left, which is close to my heart
My words are my power, and for me this is where my passion starts
My voice is silent
But my mind is violent
Violent with thoughts and language that most of y'all don't see
If only you could get in tuned, and open up my deep sea
I don't say much for a reason, because a fool tells it all
Just sit back and watch
As they allow their verbiage to be their downfall
I'd rather figure out the mind of a silent man
Than listen to the words of those who are wise in there own mind
True wisdom speaks with action, and few words are ever said
If you listen to the words of the fool
You might as well live amongst the walking dead
The mind of a lyricist
Yes that's me
My voice stays silent
But my rhymes stay timeless you see

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