The Silver Lining of My Heart

Sitting in the darkness, weak and tired lies a man once admired.
The king they once would call from streets to homes, begging for
a single jewel beneath his throne. One day sitting on a throne
was the majesty when he saw a face of pure beauty, eyes of
emerald and teeth of ivory. "Alas!", he yelled "My heartneed no
longer be lonely, for I have found God's lost trophy. If she will
have me our love will shine, and she will forever be mine.
"The king leapt with his heart in his hand and offered the
beauty with a shining silver band. the band was beautiful,
and did shine in the light, her eyes did bounce off of its
glamours might. the peasant was not pleased began to leave
the king despite of his pleas. She cried into the wind on this
autumn day " I won't take a man, not a peasant, or king.
With only gold, you will never have me." Her smooth rose
petal lips spoke one last time "Release all the slaves and I'll
change my mind." the king was not happy, but his heart was true
"My dear, my love, I'll do anything for you!" He released slaves
and their skin once again saw the sun, and their new lives begun.
The king sat alone upon his throne and reaped what he had done.
"To win my heart, " said his love "give away all your riches to the
poor, a man who is humble is a man I'll adore." With his love the
king gave awayall he has ever known, his Jewels, silver, gold,
and finally his throne. With that the peasant fled with it all, even
the crown on his head, he was left alone,without his throne.
No people to rule, no palace of his own, he had given it all to a
woman he never had known. After all, if you follow heart blind,
you'll never know where it'll go.

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