The Sirens

The sirens ripped through my ears,
Like a lion tearing into the flesh of a gazelle.
When this sound hits, it draws you back to childhood instincts,
This perilous sound indicates danger,
A threat to all the people you love,
You cover yourself under the sheets
To make it go away.

They never tell you why this sound screams through,
You are left to guess and wonder
If it is someone who you created lasting memories with,
Or just a stranger in the dark.
My lover was victim to this horrid sound,
Lost in a casing of melting debris
And rotting earth,
I couldn’t rush to her side quicker,
Only wishing to leave the scene of destruction.

The final moments of the sound are by far the longest,
Maybe not initially the most terrifying,
But definitely the most heart wrenching.
It’s the slow moment of watching someone
Who became so close knit in your life slip away,
And watching, helplessly, as the authorities attempt
Desperately to save her,
They change you,
Those sirens that fly through the night,
Always leaving you to guess and wonder.

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