The situation

I got a situation that I'm facing, thought placeing.. heart racing,but I'm pacing.I got back tracked with all this time that I'm it's all I seem to see. I'm just trying to get through, working make do,with this life that he gave me...ain't nobody going to save me.I'm unique see I defend my beliefs,what I want in life and above all what I need,to achieve to move forward to make leave,I believe,I can make it if I try.if I take my..mind and aim high,not just get by and live lies.why spend my life stress,and living depression with the pressures of everyday living pushing me down,force me to give call that living?please I'm driven,to gain,to pursue and maintain in this game.don't need nobody sympathy,I'm going to be me,and just be free,open up my personality.I'm moving towards my destiny and I'm taking everybody with's an open invitation to put a stop to the hesitation and better the situation for the Next Generation.teach these children that were raising some respect and consideration, then put a little faith in and represent our number one nation that's where I'm coming from. the way I see it we got nothing left to lose.we were given the freedom and the opportunity to choose whether we win or we lose in our future.for those of us who want more and know exactly what we,re aiming for, we make the world a better place for every race,to grow physically & mentally in a state of not hate.have a chance to pick what's on our plate,before we make decisions that are irate

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