The Sky's Feelings

Up above
In the big and surprising sky
Feelings spur in the wind so high
The grey cloudy sky
Cries as the heavy rain falls
Flooding the earth with its tears
Its thunder so loud and strong
As if a sob from a little child
And smiles a big bright smile
At the big bright sun
And dances on Earth as
Tornadoes spin and spin and spin
And hurricanes the grandest dance of them all
Making a tremendous mess for us all
And snowing during a cold fitful slumber
But it falls as softly as it dreams
During these cries and smiles and fitful slumbers
It loves us all and the earth
The whole time

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This Poems Story

All my life I have loved stories and poems. I treasure every word they have to offer, and often relate to them. I have a love for reading more than most people my age do. It is completely me writing, and I feel free. I have my mom and dad to thank for that. They got me into reading and I wouldn't be where I am today without them. My sisters inspire me and they give me ideas while having a regular converstion. Now I'm able to understand things better. It allows me to be a better writer.