The Sky’s Shattered Rainbow

With the flaring heat which beats down on us as we sit,
The thriving entertainment heartily anticipates,
Forever and a half.
In the pond, on a boat, nears the people.
While the the tiny and tireless toddler,
Jumps up and down in a buoyant tone.
Who waits and wonders till the work I'd down and done?
One after another, the dull sky awaits.
With colors blue coming elaborately and palatial.
Friends and family, neighbors and foe,
Staring a gawk, bewilderment shocking them still.
Boom! Pop! Boom! Crackle, pop! Pop!
Red and blue, green, yellow,
The works like everyone's eyes, lighting up.
Transforming from black, to colors, in the sky.
Red and blue, green, yellow.
Eternity passes, and another explotion withers.
The collage of colors, the beaut of the pixels.
All against the murky canvas, the blanket above our heads.
Fragmented hues, the flakes and pixels ratiated.
Boom! Pop! Boom! Crackle, pop! Pop!
The colors run wild,
And the hues dispersed, like a shattered rainbow in the sky.

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