The Slope

... In a world filled with bullying, oppression, and suffering
Here I stand
We often turn to isolation in order to escape the dangers of the
"real world"
Whether they are physical or just emotional
We cling to the cold solitude as a shroud against the pain
The isolation we searched for becomes our haven
We know nothing but the loneliness
So much so that the mere thought of going outside
causes us emence destress
The sorrow slowly consumes us
Days turn to weeks
Weeks to months
Depression seeps in
The only thing on our minds is how to end the suffering
We drink
Do drugs
But nothing numbs the pain
Only one option seems to hold value
We fight the urge.....
To no avail
We spent so long trying to avoid danger...
But along the way
We became more dangerous then the world could have ever been
So here we lay
We avoided the world
Now the danger is ....

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