The Sloth

Once upon a hiking trip, I heard a noise that sounded like Zip
I saw a sloth swinging from the trees
I could not believe my eyes, I did not know that sloths could fly
I was so amazed I fell to my knees
The sloth waved me over, I felt a breeze
Then all of a sudden I had to sneeze

My sneeze scared him off, then he went and hid in his loft
I started to search for the animal
In the distance I saw a boat, but then I felt my achy throat
I reached into my bag and pulled out a danimal
And it turns out, the sloth was a cannibal
He was eating another sloth, poor animal

Then, the sloth came to me, I tried to flee
It zoomed through the air so fast
I felt the wind, upon my chin
Then the sloth asked
“Why are you running away?”

I ran from the sloth, who flew in the air like a moth
Faster and faster, the sloth approached me
Finally he caught up, leaving no time for me to speedup
Then, I asked, “What is your name?”
And the sloth replied, “I will never be tamed.”

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