The small i

i have a habit. A regular habit.
Committing the most blatant mistakes
At the very wrong time.
Some mistakes were slow,some stupid, some disastrous.
i also have another habit. A habit of learning from my mistakes.
It never worked out .i have rarely faced the same trouble twice
Even if i did, my past wisdom put me into deeper trouble.

Mistakes gave me many a handsome return
i lost money . Amused people
Tainted trust. Let myself down to fail
Ruined relationships and Created memories that would make one laugh a lifetime.

i have been blissfully punished for most of them.
The worst part of my mistake is not when
i realize, regret and repent.
But when someone decides to forgive me for it.
They forgive and I never forget.
A resounding slap, a nasty push, a disgusting look
Would have been better.

In the years to come
There are many more on their way
Truly i know how to accept the punishments.
What i do not know is
‘How to face forgiveness and live with those who gave it to me?’.

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