The Snake

Something inside me aches and burns,
Some feelings engulf me turn by turn.
Like a snake entangled around my neck,
It won't spare me till I break.

I wonder for long what the feeling is.
I cannot fathom how do I miss?
Why is this feeling not leaving me?
Does my pain, the snake not see?

It advances its grip around my neck,
And I slowly start to feel the crack.
I break into an ocean of long lost tears,
I cry like a baby facing its fears.

I cry like I haven't cried in ages,
As my life before me, unfolds its pages.
I now know what is killing me inside.
As I realise this, the snake has its bite.

A feeling of loneliness had made its mark.
I have been trying to hide this feeling so sharp.
I had buried my emptiness in a bottle so small.
Now it's open, I cannot take it anymore.

I feel a vacuum, a hole inside.
I feel incomplete, like a moon less night.
I feel I need a gentle caress,
A hand that I can hold in my loneliness.

A soul that will understand my pain and grief,
A soul that would help me get some relief.
By now the snake has won the battle,
I struggle to get hold of my life just a little.

I try, but I can no longer control my tears.
I pray that my weeping, no one hears.
The snake now leaves me as the tears have flown,
It did what it came for, the feelings are shown.

The snake had actually helped me cry,
I needed to do this, I needed to try.
I now lie on my bed in complete darkness.
Now the pain feels just a little less.

I gather myself up to face the coming day.
I wipe my tears and to God I pray.
I ask for strength for just a little while.
Now I am ready to put on my smile.

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