The Sniveling Scribbler

What? Write about my greatest fear?
Could be that is my greatest fear.
For if I must give some account
Of what scares me a big amount,
Just the thought of pen and paper
Turns my spinal steel to vapor.
Write the things that make me quiver--
Why that idea makes me shiver.
In a moment I would panic
And get manic and satanic.
Oh, a topic, one less dreadful,
One that will not make me fretful,
Wheezy, nauseous and quite vexed,
Confused and puzzled and perplexed.
A topic easy, something dull,
Something I needn't wrack my skull
For logic, syntax or a rhyme
For writing something real sublime.
Not a dense thesis doctoral,
Please just let me write more doggerel.

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