The Snow Globe

In my hand, a ball of glass-
A simple present, a link to my past.
Inside a wintery scene catches my eye,
And reminds me of that fateful night.
The frigid air, the darkened sky,
Two unseperable brothers, my brother and I.
We glanced out the window, saw the ice covered pond,
Took off to go skating in the flurries beyond.
But the wind was too strong and the ice was too thin;
It shattered beneath us and we both stumbled in.
Chill overcame me, but fear reigned within;
I struggled to surface, numb beneath my skin.
My head broke through the water, air filled my lungs;
My body shook with shivers with my dampened clothes that clung.
I sat upon the pond's edge, looking down below;
My heart jumped when I saw him, but quickly filled with woe.
His pale and lifeless body, lifted from the depths.
His skin an icy bluish and his eyes empty with death.
The next day he was buried, there beside the pond.
I was left with his snowglobe as memory of our bond.
I shook the water filled ball, sending upwards a flurry of snow,
That slowly fell to settle, on the solid pond below.

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