The Snow Queen

The snow queen walks in the snow
With cautious steps measured slow
Ice-eyes watch the white powder fall,
Caught in the air making a snowball
The snow queen is soft and white,
But can easily slip into a frostbite
When night is dying and mist arriving,
Numb the wax on fingers and toes burning
The snow queen wears many crowns
On throne of the kingdom she owns,
Sit regal with ice and peppermint scent
There will be slips, trips and accident
Cold continent weather follows the nose
Even the early burly whom dawn chose
Tremble with snowflakes in their shoes,
Children play in ditches and wet amuses
Dowse adults with ghost portrait memory,
Of plenteous styles frivolous and naughty
Watch the days faded into inky stand cold,
Beleaguer love walking out the life they hold
When the gloves were warm and full of charm,
Early burly man would trudge through the snow
Bring home remnants of weary woe
Dusting off the cap and trowels on his track,
Pull his knapsack and coat tight on his back
With pride at place he goes off in the snow
With cautious steps that are measure slow

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