The Snowman

The snowman stood at the local lakeside
There was nowhere else that he could hide
He stood as tall as the trees all around
And spread his arms, but made no sound
His eyes were as dark as the night time skies
And I thought he saw me with his hollow eyes
I moved a bit closer hardly daring to breathe
My footsteps crunching through the autumnal leaves
The moon came then as if to say hello
Lighting up the snowman who was as pure as the snow
His body although lumpy, seemed like it would break
Fragile and beautiful in the shimmer of the lake
His arms seemed to move from their crooked position
As if reaching towards me was his newest ambition
Then a tap tap came with a one two three....
The snowman suddenly turned and smiled at me
The snowman yawned like a bolt of thunder
And the ground shook both around me and under
I was stunned at the beauty of this creation before me
If only through my eyes itself it could see
Then in the blink of an eye, the snowman was gone
Vanishing overhead in the sunlight it shone
And the lake once again was a peaceful mirror
The snowman left only by a puddle with a shimmer.

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