The Soldier

Dark and crimson as mud,
Stained over my hands,
Covering these lands,
A body,
And in the midst stands me,
A plea,
A scream,
And then a bang,
A man's last words wee all but sang,
A voice,
A laugh,
So cruel and high it seems to linger in the night,
Shaking the earth with all its might,
I pull the trigger,
Down they go,
Like fleas struck down to the floor,
Something cool and something fast strikes my flesh,
In beating grasps,
The pain it blooms and spreads like heaven,
Like blissful thinking if the dark,
I grin, smiling, at last,
My body broken like a mast,
I crumple, mind betraying soul,
A blur,
A person,
Standing stark,
The bullets' found its final mark.

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