The Song

May light punish the night that has separated the two-
Too sudden, too brash, and so young
So odd breaks a vow kept with heavy lips,
Until spoiled grapes betray truth in heavy sips

Oh tell me young and in love
What motivates you so?
Why do your eyes shine like the purest bricks of gold?
And sung from your heart a song of woeful tide
For they who has won you, seen beyond your glamour
They who rests so far from you now
Do you not know how prematurely young love grows?
Though if it be love where lies quarry-
Pray, young is the matter
That matters with or not that oh sweet love
'Lust' they thrust upon instead
For out of worry or resentment old eyes do not see truthful cries of love in innocence, oh innocent love
With which the moon does not yet shine

But if you lovers be content, what matter you of elde consent?
It matters not?
Why no, why know
What they think
Venom words they speak
To keep mistakes at bay

But pray, what prey has fallen to Eros!
Oh be off then
Off to whom daylight brings
Off to whom your soft heart sings
What joy and sorrow
Go now before it's morrow

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