The Song of Myself

Here I am still trying to go beyond my limits,
what hidden forces push me? I ask myself every single day,
is there a limit, a time, for improving the self?
many nights I dream,

I see myself young, savoring happily the days with friends,
enjoying the seasons, the time, the life,
reality awakens me, I have dreamed and I felt cheerful,
that vision will remain and even fills my day,

and it spreads to all the others I will encounter today,
then comes the time for the daily nap, I closed my eyes,
pleasant feelings satisfied myself, what am I seeing?
are those other selves? they are coming to me!

and they seem amused at my astonishment,
my brain has a startling reaction,
the unexpected illuminates my soul,
those selves are now melting in one, so many questions!

who can give me the answers?
are they the ones that came before me?
and if that is so, am I going to be one of them?
I opened my eyes, tiny golden particles are all around me,

did I dream again? no, they are real!
infinitesimal circles vanishing in the air, so bright! so light!
I would love to be like them one day,
flying, suspended in the air for the time being!

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