The Song

By Dani Vb   

One day, I walked along a path
Which was yet unknown to me.
A friend came by, stood by my side, and began to sing a song:
Traveler, traveler, why have you come
Down this road with such a nearby end, and twists and turns
A way you will follow until you've gone astray?
Traveler, traveler, why have you come?
His song piqued my interest;
I wondered all that day
What to make of my friend
And that song which he sang to me.
As I walked, I thought, and to me came an inkling of an idea-
The idea was grand, or so I thought, and I sang back to him:
Home-dweller, home-dweller why didn't you come up this road
Long and endless? It's straight and narrow, but you can find the way.
Home-dweller, home-dweller, why didn't you come?
But to my surprise, my good friend replied
That that was rather true-
He'd stayed all at home, no adventure at all
But at least, he said, his journey is still grand and long;
He still had a while to go.
And from that day, I have pondered since those words he spoke to me.
He has changed his ways, gone straight a better way.

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