The sorrowful Dancer

Floating away in the wind
Never gone never leaving
Staying through aways grieving
Wondering why you were always changing your mind
But how the seasons change and how the bird's chirp

Yet, my heart is still hurting inside
The trees lose leaves as I lose faith
The birds fly south as my life gets upended
People shout in the distance, something of remorse

But I feel so weary, my mind it soars
I want to end the pain the sorrow
All that's left is the new day in the morrow

I walk the streets to the place where I feel safe
The cool air it licks my face the bright sun beaks dawn
I feel the beat and start to move, with grace
The steady beat of my heart dares me to move further
The sorrow halts for a beat then it ceases

The pain the loss it all flows down straight to my feet
I tell my story through the movement
As I dance about this mellow town
I am safe I am sound

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