The Soul of an Angel

A voice humming in the air like a fresh flower
Leaving a trail of purity with a new mind
Trickling natural beauty as clear as a raindrop
That condescends on any sparkling riches in the world
Believing nothing more than a laugh
When there is an angel
With a youthful soul that has not one drop of blood
I giggle at any moment where there is darkness
Fighting until my lungs have stopped working
After gasping for my last breath of life
Gasping to gaze into those green orbs one more time
Every single day on a replay button
Savoring and clutching on every moment I see them
Drowning into another universe
Filled with years and years and eternally of green isolation
Sinking into lack of sound
But it is a land where there lies no shadows
Joy sweeps the place
A smile emerges on my glowing face
Every piece of perfection can be found in you
Found in your eyes that gleam with promise
Eyes that hold the future
You grin and hold my hand to lead me

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